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The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Naples, Florida

Attention House Hunters! Have these homes made it onto your short-list? These homes start at $17,500,000 and you won’t believe what the most expensive is listed for.

Private Schools in Collier County

There are a number of private schools in Naples if you are looking for an alternative to Collier County Public Schools. Read on for the list.

12 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Real Estate

After years of experience working with buyers, I’ve seen these 12 issues firsthand. These mistakes could lead to major problems so please speak to me if any of these apply to your next move.

How to Hire a REALTOR®

When you’re about to make one of the largest financial decisions of your life, it’s important to have the right REALTOR® working for you. Let these five characteristics guide an excellent decision.

7 Reasons Why You Need a REALTOR® When Buying New Construction

Hiring a real estate agent to represent you in new construction is completely necessary! The agent is free and will save you both time and money. You have the benefit of professional oversight on your new home’s construction while paying a lower price and getting upgrades in your home.

3 Ways To Ensure You Have Representation When Buying Your Next Home

Buyers can inadvertently lose the opportunity to have a REALTOR® on their side if they make some very common mistakes. Not having a REALTOR® can be an expensive error by costing thousands of dollars as well as a lot of headache!

What You Need To Know About Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

What counts as a service animal? Can a goat be an emotional support animal? Whether you are a landlord with a “no pets” policy or a tenant with an ESA or service animal, tread lightly! You do not want to be uniformed when it comes to the Fair Housing or Americans With Disabilities Acts.