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Ever seen a snake eat a spider? I have here in Naples, Florida and here’s the video!

It’s no secret that Naples is home to all sorts of wildlife. Most people that visit are excited to see the alligators but now you’ll be on the lookout for spiders that eat snakes!

Should I list my home at a price ending in 999 or use an even price?

Should you price your home at a number like $399,999 or $400,000? The debate ends here.

You have to see this updated new listing in Waterways

This Waterways home sits right on the main lake, has a new roof post-Irma, and has so many updates and upgrades that you just have to see.

What do I do all day? Here’s what I do all day as a Realtor®

Being a Realtor® involves many tasks and I love every bit of it! It truly doesn’t feel like work when you love your job as much as I love mine!

You are Being Watched! Is it ok for Sellers to Have Cameras on During Showings?

With the low cost of security cameras and video doorbells, you have to assume the sellers are watching and listening to you as your tour their home. Is it legal for sellers to record you as you tour a home?

How to find childcare or daycare in Naples

Here are some options for finding daycare or childcare in Naples, Florida. Need a nanny?

How to be a “Cash” buyer but still get a mortgage to buy a home

In a market like we’re in where homes get multiple competing offers immediately, it’s really hard for someone getting a mortgage to out-offer someone paying cash. Here’s how you can offer cash and still get a mortgage.

What do Homeowners Association Fees (HOA) Cover

Love them or hate them, Homeowners Associations or “HOA’s” cover the map here in Naples. Dues are paid every quarter to the association but what does that money actually pay for?

4 Dirty Truths About Real Estate Teams

It sounds great to hire a “team” to sell your home or represent you in a purchase. However, not all teams are created equal.

4 Reasons NOT to Hire a REALTOR®

There are 4 reasons to not hire an agent you are interviewing. You are making an enormous financial decision and putting your trust into a REALTOR® to do the right thing for you. Don’t hire an agent that does these 4 things.