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Things That Make a Buyer Walk Away From Your Listing (and never come back)

A listing needs to be absolutely perfect to fetch the highest price possible. Here are items to look at when listing your home for sale.

What are my thoughts on the current real estate market? Will it cool off soon?

The market is a hot topic of conversation right now and for good reason. Each day I’m asked, “What’s going on with the market? Is it going to cool off soon?” Let’s address that question.

9 Ways to Have Your Offer Accepted in a Bidding War

Stuck in a bidding war while buying real estate? Here are 9 ways you can strengthen your offer and win the home you want!

What is a Coach Home? Naples real estate buyers want to know!

There are condominiums, villas, coach homes, carriage homes, townhomes, etc.! In this quick article, you’ll learn what a coach home is.

The 5 Most Expensive Homes on the Market in Naples Florida – April 2021 Edition

The five most expensive homes in Naples for April 2021 brings us some beauties! Each home offers immediate access to the Gulf of Mexico.

A List of Things to do When Buying a House in Naples

Buying a new home or condo in Naples comes with a short list of tasks that you will want to complete. Luckily, they’re all very easy and I recommend doing many of these just before closing. There’s no need to wait!

Tips on Winning a Real Estate Bidding War When You Can’t Increase The Offer Price

Bidding wars on real estate are very common in Naples and increasing your offer price isn’t always an option. Here are some other tips to help you win a bidding war.

6 Tough Pills to Swallow for Real Estate Sellers

Is selling a home easy? Sure! It definitely can be but there are some things you need to be aware of when you sign the listing agreement. These are some of the things we’ve seen sellers get a bit hung up on.

8 Signs You’re Ready to Stop Renting and Start Owning

Are you a renter that has your eye on buying? Owning a home can actually be more affordable than renting a similar property. If you have even thought about buying you’ll want to make sure you’re ready.

What to Consider When Investing in a Profitable Rental Property

Buying an investment property to rent can be a great opportunity yet there are a number of factors to consider before you submit an offer.