What is a Coach Home? Naples real estate buyers want to know!

There are condominiums, villas, coach homes, carriage homes, townhomes, etc.! In this quick article, you’ll learn what a coach home is.

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What is a Coach Home? Naples real estate buyers want to know!

When I work with buyers here in Naples, FL, I get a lot of questions about our vocabulary. One of the questions that pops up most is, “What is a coach home?”

Coach homes are generally built 4 or 8 units to a building. What makes a coach home unique in my eyes is that they all have their own ground-floor entry doors and garages. When you open the door to a second floor coach home unit, you will have the interior garage entrance on one side and a set of stairs in front of you.

A big advantage to buying a second floor coach home is that you will get more square footage due to the ground floor garage. Since all garages are on the ground floor of course, the second floor has the space over the garage as living area. This can be a lot of extra space!

One of the disadvantages to coach homes are the stairs. Moving in or out can be a challenge. Also, if a visitor has a disability, getting to the second floor coach home could be a problem. Much like living in a condominium, you’ll need to have great neighbors. Since coach home units share walls with neighbors (or floor/ceilings), you’ll want to make sure there isn’t excessive noise.

If you’d like to see some coach homes in Naples, please give me a call or contact me through the site.

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