Quick Tip: Why School Zones Matter Even if You Don’t Have Kids

Students with their school teacher
Empty-nesters and retirees still need to be mindful of school zones when buying a home.  Here’s why!

“Location, location, location” is the mantra of real estate! When you’re shopping for a home and you don’t have children, it’s easy to overlook homes’ school zones. If you don’t need the school, why should it matter? One word: resale.

Unless you plan on this being the last home you’ll ever buy, you need to think ahead and plan for your home’s value down the road. School zones dictate a lot of a home’s value. The higher performing schools increase a home’s value because of the demand of families that want to live there. When you go to resell, your home will have retained its value better than a similar home in a less desirable school zone.

If you’re buying a single-family home, school zones should be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing. Even though you don’t have kids, your home’s next owners most likely will.

Don’t assume this is only for single-family homes! Condos and townhomes are frequently purchased by families with children because of the school zone. A family looking to enroll in a particular school will frequently compromise on their desire for a single-family home for the sake of education.

The same goes for investors! Homes in highly rated school zones demand higher rents. And people are willing to pay it! Investors should carefully consider homes with good schools.

Plan for your future and protect your investment by checking out the schools prior to purchasing.

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