How Safe Are Supra Lockboxes for Real Estate?

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Have you ever seen one of those light blue lockboxes hanging on someone’s real estate listing here in Naples? They’re absolutely everywhere but how safe are they? Could someone with nefarious plans break one open and get the key to access your home?

How does a Supra iBox Lockbox work?

The Supra iBox consists of three parts. There is the loop at the top that comes off and shackles the lockbox to the door of the listing. Next, there’s the big body of the lockbox below and inside of that is the third part, a metal insert that holds the key.

Agents are able to remove the shackle from the top of the lockbox and secure it, preferably to the front door of the house. If the front doorknob will not allow enough space or security, agents often attach them to the garage, a railing, a downspout, or some simply leave the entire lockbox sitting on the ground. I do not recommend the latter as anybody can simply walk away with the lockbox.

How do you get the key out of a Supra iBox Lockbox?

Supra iBox iPhone App

The Supra eKEY iPhone app.

Realtors have an application on their iPhone called Supra eKEY. This application uses Bluetooth to access the lockbox. Pressing up on the bottom insert that holds the key will turn Bluetooth on within the lockbox and the app will open it up. After a short delay, the lockbox makes a chime that announces it is unlocked. Pushing up on the tray will eject it and the key is accessible.

Who can get the key out of a Supra iBox Lockbox?

In theory, nobody can get the key out without the Bluetooth app. Also, downloading the app is not enough to open a lockbox. The app must be registered to a person qualified to open the lockbox.

Can someone steal the entire lockbox?

Anything is possible but it would be very challenging to steal a lockbox. First, the lockbox should be property affixed to a home so someone would have to find a way to break the shackle that holds the lockbox on. Then, the key would still be safe and secure within the lockbox itself. I can’t imagine a way to break through the lockbox to get to the key. It is not something bolt cutters could do and I don’t think a power saw could open it either.

Another point to consider is that even if a homeowner returned and saw the lockbox missing, simply rekeying the front door lock would be enough to stop the thief in their tracks.

Can an agent enter your home without an appointment?

Yes. Our apps will open any lockbox and just about any time. An agent could certainly enter the home but we would have knowledge of who that was as mentioned below.

What are the benefits of using a lockbox when you sell your home in Naples?

The obvious answer is that REALTORS® will be able to access your home for showings without you or the listing agent being present. This allows for far more flexibility in the times your home is available for showing.

You have a record of who was in your home.

Since the app to unlock the lockbox is on the agent’s phone, the app will record who and what time the home was entered. It will also estimate the amount of time that the agent was inside your residence when the agent returns the key to the key box at the end of the showing.

The beauty of having this record is that your agent is able to obtain feedback on the showing later to see if the agent’s buyers liked the home or if there is something you should change.

You can set restrictions on when people can show your property.

The Supra eKEY app allows REALTORS® listing a property to set windows of time that the home is available for showing. For example, if you do not want showings after 6pm, the listing agent can set the lockbox to not allow it to be opened after that time.

There isn’t a code that can get passed around or overheard.

The old-fashioned lockboxes had push buttons and the REALTOR® simply had a code to input to get access to the home. Anybody could overhear that code or watch the REALTOR® inputting it for the showing. It is incredibly unsafe! The new Supra iBoxes use the app so this is not a concern.

What are my thoughts on the Supra iBoxes?

I love them. I feel completely safe putting one on my own home and did just that when I sold my home last May. I trust other REALTORS® to use the app responsibly and only when they have a confirmed showing on my home. The rugged design of the iBox makes me secure in that it will not be tampered with by criminals. It’s just a very safe system in my professional opinion.

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