13 Tips for Selling a Home With Kids

  1. Take the kids for ice cream
    Maybe not ice cream but it is imperative that you leave home and let the Realtors® do the showings.
  2. Get Rid of the Toys
    I know it is a hassle. I’m a parent too. But, your house needs to be free of all clutter and children’s toys can be one of the worst parts of a messy room. Invest in baskets like these for each room where the children play. This will keep the toys neatly hidden but very accessible for your children.
  3. Keep the Entryway Clean
    It is very easy for kids’ belongings to pile up by the front door and this is easy to miss if you sometimes leave through the garage. Gather up all of their shoes, sweatshirts and backpacks and put them somewhere else so you make a great first impression.
  4. Clean the Child’s Bathroom
    Kids miss. It’s just a simple fact of parenting. Make sure the floor around your toilet as well as the bowl itself is completely clean. We don’t want your buyers to smell it (and they will).
  5. Neatly Organize the Stuffed Animals
    Children have an amazing way of gathering all of the stuffed animals in the house and leaving them all over their room. Neatly place them on your child’s bed or better yet, put them in the top drawer of the dresser.
  6. Clean the Lower Part of Your Glass
    Tiny fingerprints can be everywhere so be sure to wipe down the reachable parts of your windows and sliding doors.
  7. Warn Your Children
    Adults know that visitors will be coming through and they may have sticky fingers. Warn your child that their most important belongings be put away in a safe place when not at home.
  8. Make Your Pool Safe
    You have a pool safety fence to keep your kids from falling in. Put it up to ensure potential buyers with children are safe when they tour your home.
  9. Don’t Forget Your Back Yard
    You’ve put the toys away that are inside so step outside and do the same. We want your lawn to look as tidy as possible so pack up those outdoor toys!
  10. Make the Plastic Plates and Cups go Away
    Don’t leave your child’s neon green plastic plate and cup set out. Be sure it is washed and put away inside of a cabinet.
  11. Say Goodbye (Temporarily) to Family Photos
    You’re moving! You don’t need to have the photos up the entire time. Depersonalize your home by taking down the pictures of your family.
  12. Ask Teens to put Toiletries Under the Sink
    Nothing makes counters look better than being free of clutter. Ask your children to put all toiletries under the sink to leave the countertop clear.
  13. Have a Morning Routine
    I hate to tell you this but you’re going to need to wake up a bit earlier. Mornings are a time of rushing around for parents so save yourself enough time to do a walkthrough of the house. Make sure beds are made, toiletries are put away, bathroom counters are wiped down, toilet lids are down and your breakfast mess from cooking is cleaned up with the dishes in the dishwasher.

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