How to Meet People and Make Friends in Naples Florida

group of friends in Naples, FL

Join a Parks and Rec Sports Team

What better way to meet people than getting outside and being active? Naples Parks and Rec has an awesome catalogue of options for anybody looking to play a sport at one of our great parks. I personally played softball and met so many new friends that way. Games are very casual and everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. You can see a sample catalogue to see the many offerings. Also, have a look at their Program Guides page for more information.

Volunteer For a Cause You Love

If you like to volunteer and help an organization out, you’re in luck. That’s a great way to meet like-minded friends! Finding an opportunity to volunteer is extremely easy too. VolunteerMatch is a site set up just to pair people to organizations. Check out the Naples, FL page on their site for some really fun options!


One of my favorite sources to help meet new friends is Meetup. The entire purpose of the site is to help people find fun groups and activities in a new town. Whether it’s a book club, kayaking group or wine tasting, Meetup has something for everyone. The site is absolutely free for you to use as well.

Take Your Dog to the Park

Have a pup and want to meet new people? Naples has a dog park on Riverside Circle and one in North Naples at Veterans Community Park. While the dogs play, owners tend to chat. It’s a great way to meet people and give your dog some exercise!

Join a Professional Networking Group

Naples has so many options for professionals looking to meet new people and expand their businesses. There is a long list of networking meetings in Naples at Eventbrite. Check out the list and see if one catches your eye!

Join a Church With an Active Social Group

Many churches in Naples, Florida are quite social and it’s another way to meet like-minded people. New Hope Ministries is one example of a church with a very active social calendar. Barbecues, Bible study and similar events are great ways to mingle and with services being held regularly, you’ll really get to know some new friends.

Join Your Colleagues for Happy Hour

Does your employer have happy hours? If not, start a new tradition! It’s really easy to get coworkers to come to a happy hour at the end of the week and a great way to get to know them better is to attend! If your employer doesn’t have a regular happy hour, start the tradition! Invite a couple of coworkers that you’re friendly with and ask them to invite their friends. Soon, you’ll have a great group of people that look forward to the end of the week socials. Try new restaurants and bars as you go to learn the town.

Take a Class

We are so lucky to have Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College nearby. Your employer may even pay for your continuing education! Don’t know what to take? Learn a foreign language or take an art class and you’ll have a big group of new potential friends!

Join the Social Committee or Condo/Homeowners Association Board in Your Neighborhood

If you live in Naples, there’s a good chance you’re governed by a Condo Association or Homeowners Association. These both have a board of directors that you could join to help out in your community. Another option is to join the social committee and help plan fun events for your community. My wife is the head of our neighborhood’s social committee and she has met so many new friends as a result of her work! We regularly have food truck events, waterslides for the kids, Bingo and more; neighbors come out in droves! It’s a great way to meet the people who live nearby!

Join a Gym That Has Group Fitness

Want to get in the best shape of your life and meet a lot of great new people? Join a CrossFit gym such as North Naples CrossFit. Classes are made up of about 12-15 people that are incredibly supportive to each other and cheer each other on. Plus, the gym often has social events that bring members together. It’s impossible to not make new friends there!

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