How to find childcare or daycare in Naples

Daycare in Naples, Florida

Get on every waiting list you can while you decide

This is without a doubt step one to finding childcare in Naples. Nearly every daycare will have a waiting list and you don’t want someone else to beat you to an opening. Sure, you’ll have to make some phone calls and apologize for removing yourself from a number of lists later but you need to be on the lists early.

Check with the local schools

Once you know the part of town where you’ll be moving, reach out to the local school to see what their childcare options are. I also recommend joining the school’s Facebook group (if they have one) and ask other parents for recommendations. Ask around and you may uncover a great option.

Ask around to find an in-home provider

In-home providers are a mixed bag—some love them while others hate them. If you’re looking for traditional daycare and are running out of luck, this could be a great option. You will have to ask a lot of questions! Are they CPR trained? Is the in-home daycare in its own space or shared family space? Are they insured? Do your due diligence and see if this could be an option for you.

Hire (or share) a nanny

It may be cost-prohibitive to hire a nanny but it is worth looking into. Some come from abroad and you may be able to sponsor them and save some money. Hiring a nanny will bring a new person into your home so you’ll have to decide if you need a larger home now to accommodate that extra person.

Another option is to share a nanny. More than one family will have access to the nanny so ensure the nanny isn’t taking on more than he or she can handle.

Look for out-of-the-box ways to get child care

I recently heard a story about 5 Naples moms that watch each other’s kids in their homes in a very structured, almost businesslike way. Each mom takes a day of the week and watches all of the kids from their group so the other 4 moms can work. That gives you 4 full days to work or do what you need to do while your child is in competent hands.

Look at your family for opportunities

You may have family members that could use some extra spending money (retired grandparents maybe?) and this could be a win-win. Ask your family members and you may uncover a good option!”

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