What do I do all day? Here’s what I do all day as a Realtor®

Being a Realtor® involves many tasks and I love every bit of it! It truly doesn’t feel like work when you love your job as much as I love mine!

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What do I do all day? Here’s what I do all day as a Realtor®

It seems like every person you meet in Naples is a Realtor® or knows someone that is. In fact, Florida Realtors® says that our local board has over 6,000 members! With that many people competing for their piece of the pie, I have no choice but to work incredibly hard every single day for my customers and earn their future business and referrals. So, how do I do that?

Monitor our #1 source of business

My wife and I founded the Naples, FL group on Facebook with nearly 60,000 members so that is a great source of business for us. My mornings always begin with me moderating that group and keeping it a welcoming and helpful asset to our members. Please join if you haven’t already!

Dive into the MLS

The MLS is my next stop. I look at the hot sheets (a report showing new/changed listings) to try and find properties for my buyer customers or see what new competition there is that could affect my sellers. I’ll then scour the MLS for listings that may work for my buyers that may not have showed up in their saved searches because perhaps only one of the criteria is different.

Advertise our listings

Next up, I set up (or monitor existing) advertising for my listings and track the performance of those ads. I can tell you with 100% certainty that most Realtors® put their listings on the MLS and simply wait for someone to come along and make an offer. I find this incredibly offensive. Customers pay good money to have their agent sell their home and deserve to have someone actively selling and searching for buyers. This generates a lot of leads for me to contact so that’s an ongoing daily activity.

Send out hundreds of letters

Since the market is so competitive and there isn’t much inventory at the moment, I usually have a mailing project going. I often send letters to every single homeowner in neighborhoods where my buyers want to be in order to find off-market property. Right now, I have a mailing going to Tuscany Cove in North Naples.

Keep in touch with everybody

I spend an awful lot of time in my Customer Relationship Management software following up with current customers, checking on future customers and reaching out to past customers to make sure everyone has their unique needs met. This benefits my sellers and buyers too as I can sometimes find a match that meets their needs.

Go on appointments

I often have appointments scattered throughout the day as well. Sometimes I’m touring properties with my buyer customers. Other times I’m sitting at future sellers’ dining room tables discussing the specific steps I will take to sell their home and hopefully earn their business.

Compare notes with my wife

Almost daily, my wife and I discuss our team (we sit 8 feet apart in our office!). We discuss what we could do better, what additional steps we could do to get our listings sold, and discuss the challenges we have with finding homes for our buyers. By discussing every facet of our business throughout the day, we’re able to achieve our goal of constant improvement and learn from each other which benefits our clients.
Those are the main areas of focus each day. There are a lot of other things below that pop up as well.

Other tasks along the way

These activities above keep me awfully busy but I’m never too busy to have a chat and answer your questions.

Want to discuss this further or talk about buying or selling? Give me a call at (239) 248-8171 or email me.