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Private Schools in Collier County

There are a number of private schools in Naples if you are looking for an alternative to Collier County Public Schools. Read on for the list.

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Private Schools in Collier County

While Collier County Public Schools boast wonderful benefits, some families elect for private education. Here is a list of private schools within Collier County. This list is not comprehensive, as there are a variety of small, little-known educational facilities in the county. We’ve included the largest and most reputable schools with as much information as possible. Please check the schools’ websites for the most up-to-date information regarding tuition, enrollment, and educational offerings.


Community School

Community School of Naples
Cost: $20,153 – $28,975

Grade Levels: Pre-K3 through 12th

Enrollment: 818

Student/Faculty Ratio: 8/1



Seacrest Country Day School

Seacrest Country Day School Student
Cost:  $19,980 – $24,775

Grade Levels:  Preschool – 12th

Enrollment:  410

Student/Teacher Ratio:  12:1



Montessori Academy

Montessori Academy Naples Logo
Cost: $8,000 – $11,000

Grade Levels: Infant to 9 years old

Enrollment: 100

Student/Teacher Ratio:  6:1



First Baptist Academy

Campus of First Baptist Academy Naples

Cost: $8,527 – $13,000

Grade Levels: PK3 – 12

Enrollment:  640

Class size:  Grades 1 – 12 average 18 students per class

Religious Affiliation:  Baptist



Naples Christian Academy

Naples Christian Academy

Cost: Starting at $7,650

Grade Levels: PK3 – 8

Class size:  Grades 1-8 classes are limited to 20 students

Religious Affiliation:  Christian



Nicaea Academy

Student at Nicae Academy Naples

Cost: $6,500 – $6,900

Grade Levels: PK5 – 12

Religious Affiliation:  Christian


Nicaea has several locations throughout SWFL.  Check their website for more information.


St. John Neumann Catholic High School

Saint John Neumann Graduation

Cost: $13,000 plus additional fees

Grade Levels: 9-12

Enrollment: 200

Teacher:Student Ratio: 8:1

Religious Affiliation: Catholic



Saint Ann School

Campus of Saint Ann School

Cost:  $9,450

Grade Levels: PK3 – 8

Religious Affiliation: Catholic




Royal Palm Academy

Royal Palm Academy Girls

Cost: $10,320 – $14,640

Grade Levels: PK3- 8

Religious Affiliation: Catholic



St. Elizabeth Seton

St Elizabeth Seton Naples Campus

Cost:  $7,300 – $8,050

Grade Levels:  PK3 – 8

Enrollment: 1 class per grade level

Teacher:Student Ratio: 12:1

Religious Affiliation: Catholic



The Village School

The Village School Campus

Cost: $10,600 – $15,400

Grade Levels:  Infant – 12

Enrollment: 504

Religious Affiliation: Methodist



Naples Adventist Christian School

Cost:  $5,600-$5,860

Grade Levels:  K-8

Religious Affiliation:  Seventh-Day Adventist


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