Who is Chris Farrugia, Realtor®?

I have lived in Florida for 21 years and have been lucky enough to be a licensed Florida Realtor® in Naples for the past 12 years. One of the main reasons I am successful as a Realtor® in Southwest Florida is I absolutely love this area of the country. I'm originally from Maryland, but moved to Florida to earn a degree in Finance and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. I can't get enough of the white sand beaches, the warm weather, fishing, and outdoors that Florida has to offer. It's tough to beat the unbelievable variety of restaurants in Southwest Florida as well! I love driving through town in December and seeing the holiday lights wrapped around palm trees--I love absolutely everything about this great town that I call home!

Enjoying North Collier Regional Park's trails

I'm a proud father of a 6 year old boy and married to a fantastic wife; I'm in tune with the needs of my clients with families. I focus on ensuring families find the best homes within their price range and near great areas for children to grow up. I appreciate the needs of both parents and children and have a lot of patience in searching for a new home.

I have always felt that homes sell themselves and that my job as a Realtor® is merely to assist you through the homebuying process. I have never hurried a client to make a decision nor told a client that we've seen enough homes. Instead, I learn from each home we see together and the feedback from my clients in order to refine our search for the best match that best suites their needs.

When selling a home, rest assured that I am a full-time real estate agent. Despite the freedom this job potentially affords me, I spend my afternoons finding buyers for your home. I am an expert at finding comparable homes to ensure your own is priced correctly, fairly, and at a price to sell. I will walk you through, step-by-step, the process of staging your home for sale. I promise to follow through with every single showing on your home and manage the sales process from the day we list until the day we hand the key over to your buyer.

I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to work for you as your Realtor®. I am always available to discuss real estate with you, so please do not hesitate to give me a call or email me.

Thank you so much,

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Chris Farrugia, M.B.A., Realtor®
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Chris Farrugia, Realtor® with his wife Laney and son Graham at Koreshan State Park